Thursday, July 21, 2016

me myself and I

It has been a very long time since I've blogged and a lot has happened that needs to be documented.
But since my family is keeping me super busy with our day to day life style.. I'll try to catch up..

~ Sarah aka (sasa) is 8 now she is so close to her mommy more than ever, I feel that she is my little friend who I share my thoughts with. She hates to upset me.. she is very warm and loves her little sisters. She took violin classes for the last 10 months and has a good base.. but she decided to take a break and try herself in sports, I think that she is fond of basketball.. Sarah loves school and she is always progressing.. she is starting to form an independent personality in some life aspects such as her way in dealing with her friends, her thoughts on a certain topic and teaching her sisters what's right and what's wrong. Sasa is going to grade 3.. She is so excited and so am I!

~ Maya aka ( mia or mimi) is 5 she is warm and cuddly, she is in the phase where she is positively competing with everyone, even herself! She L.O.V.E.S everything pony or mermaid, she speaks English fluently with a great accent so as Arabic. She is a very unique girl with the way she thinks. Her joy is playing with or in the water whether in a bucket or in the sing or having a babble bath or swimming. She is not afraid of insects constantly showing me what she caught from the backyards of her grandmas! Lovely soul, a little grumpy;  but we're working on that.. mimi is going to be in kg2 how cute is that?

~ Celina aka (sassy or sisi) is the sweetest little thing! she is 1 year 7 months today!! sassy has the funniest character ever, she knows what she wants and how to get it which is by a hug a kiss or a wink.. she reminds me a lot of Sarah when she was her age but Celina's personality is more polished because she has two older sisters which she learns a lot from. She is starting to talk and form a vocabulary, I'll have a separate blog post about the words that she speak. Celina loves her dad the most then comes mommy, if her sisters go on a play date since we have no school now she searches the house and call their names over and over, poor little thing she understands that they went away and left her.Sassy loves to play and laugh and be tickled. she loves to see the moon and the stars, she hates to change her diaper or clothes always giving me hard time on that.

So that was a general update. Our days are passing so fast we had 3 birthdays for the girls. A wedding anniversary for Ted and I (eleven years... yeah!) we traveled to Italy just me and the hubby as a getaway.. it was 10 amazing days we learned a lot from the culture and was amazed by the natural beauty of the country so as the gorgeous buildings and statues. (another blog post for the pictures and the details). We attended our daughter's school plays and I was so proud of them both.   

Sunday, November 1, 2015


I took the girls for a little walk in the park..
Funny how little things satisfy your soul.. it was so refreshing for us all~

Monday, October 19, 2015

phone picture update~

My brother was blessed with a beautiful Baby Girl (Raya) on the 5th of this month
She took our hearts the moment we saw her~
I'm in love with a new baby girl that feels so much like one of my own

Our tiny baby Celina is no longer the smallest or tiniest in the family~ look at the huge difference!! 

Since the new baby was born I had to pick up both Maya and my nephew Faris from school.
they had a lot of quailty and cuddly time together 

Sometimes I give Faris a ride to his home and ofcourse baby Celina wouldn't let me go alone pretty much anywhere latley..she is attached to my hip most of the time. look how precious and sweet they look here.. on our long drive to my brother's house.  

 All the gang with my nephew

we have been winter shopping through the past few weeks
for school and Halloween (school party) 
 Maya my little copycat~ still girly in every possible way
I'm adoring everything flowery this fall

 This is what we usually do on Fridays~ hang out with family
and play in backyards

 And through school nights, we hang out in the house eat yummy food and snacks
do homework and draw
Maya loves to draw
We are planning to enroll her in ballet classes soon cuz she likes to dance
 and likes everything sassy!
As for Sarah she wants to join violin classes and I'm still looking for a good tutoring
music lessons are so expensive! But totally worth a try.  

 My new pencil case, I think that among all the renovations and organizing I did in my house
I'm in a desperate need for a good system for my recipes
I got a binder today that I could print or hand-write the recipes that I accumulated over the years maybe it will encourage me to try new recipes more often.

This is 

حراق اصبع

 hurra2 osba3 
a new recipe that I love and never had the chance to make
But I made it today and it turned out yummy minus the grenadine (out of season)
so proud of myself :)
 This baby has been down with a flue for the last few days~ she is getting better now but the stuffy nose is not helping with the sleeping time.. oh well I hope it passes soon
Celina is 10 months old now!!

And lastly but not lease.. my three loves...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meet Rina

Hello and welcome to my little corner where I share my thoughts, things that I love and bits and pieces of my every day life~

My name is Rina;
I'm a wife to an amazing guy and a momma to three precious little girls who constantly keep me going with their curiosity and wild imagination.
I'm the middle child and I have two siblings (brothers)
I'm very close to my mom & dad
I love creativity in all sorts of ways, I'm constantly decorating and changing things around my house
working on crafty projects and photographing my life~
I'm a very sociable person, love to spend time with my family and friends..

I work as a photographer specializing in portraits you can check my FB page here
I design a food magazine.
I love to play with paper and make scrapbooks and cards

I love to take long walks
Adore sunset and sunrise
love the smell of coffee
love the essence of the ocean
I'm the best when it comes to organizing and planning!

Our family
Raed, Rina Sarah Maya & baby Celina

We live in Jordan
We love to travel, cherish and enjoy every moment in our life together as a family of five 
My husband and I were born on the same day October 1st
 but he is one year older than me

 I love and believe in God
I'm thankful for everything in my life

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Out and about ~

Sisters are forever best friends~

Our weekends are usually spent with either my family or Ted's family.
We have great food and good company for the day.
So here the girls are enjoying some outdoors time with their cousin Yara.
Celina is getting older and chubbier each week.
she is 9.5 months already!!
As for Maya, she loves to pose for the camera these days~ 
she refers to herself as "a fashion girl"

I love anything that resembles sisterhood, since I don't have any.
My daughters are lucky to have each other...

 Sarah, Maya and their cousin Yara
and below are the three musketeers sisters

these hunter boots that grandma got for the three of them
she got Sarah a black one and the other two in red.. They're awesome for winter.

Celina aka sassy~ enjoying a cookie and picnicking on the grass. 
she says mama more than ever, and I can't resist her when she keeps on saying
mama mamma mmamma 

Making a volcano

The lovely boots~ winter we are ready for you!

And just to keep a record~ as I'm typing this post
this little monkey is trying to jump off the crib!! 

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